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How Comptoir reduces time to invoice and time to hire with Fourth.

The Comptoir story

Founded by Tony Kitous following his move from Algeria to London at just 18, Comptoir Libanais was created to share a love of his homeland cuisine. Translated “Lebanese Counter,” the restaurant welcomes everyone to eat traditional Lebanese food in a vibrant and authentic environment, including a souk market where guests can purchase specialty ingredients, homeware, and handmade Moroccan bags.

Now spanning 26 restaurants across the UK, Netherlands, and UAE, the group has retained its family ethos. Team members are the heart and soul of the company—most of whom progress through the ranks to become general managers or head chefs.

Taking the counter to the people

As the company expanded, so did its need to evolve beyond a laborious manual system of countless Excel spreadsheets. The operator did not have accurate, real-time information to inform its daily business.

Conquering the day with Fourth

Comptoir quickly realised they needed more than Excel to take Lebanese food to the masses. They turned to Fourth for integrated solutions to streamline operations—and to deliver the right data to make the right decisions.

“Our franchise partners need to know the financials before making a decision to franchise with us. Before Fourth, we only had estimates. Now we deliver up-to-date figures.”

— Adil Loudiyi, Food, Beverage and Systems Controller, Comptoir Group

Taking action

After implementing advanced analytics, Comptoir noticed a restaurant whose once steady labour costs had suddenly risen. After a quick call to the local manager, it was determined that some of the hours had been duplicated. Immediately seeing this variance allowed the operator to nip the oversight in the bud before it became an issue.

In another example, one of the group’s busiest restaurants experienced an unexpected sales dip during a busy period. A quick text to the location revealed that an outdoor terrace was not operational due to roadwork. As a result, the corporate team immediately strategised on how to best support the local manager to address this unforeseen event.


Modernising operations with Fourth allowed Comptoir Libanais to focus on what matters most—their guests. It also fuelled expansion plans, positioning the company for continued growth.

Looking ahead

The future is bright with Fourth. Comptoir is now armed with the right data to make the right decisions as they assess new locations and markets. Detailed trend and sales mix analysis allows the group to drill down and determine whether a new restaurant will work in a particular area—and optimise the menu mix for each new unit.

“I can’t even imagine not having Fourth. We are looking to increase our expansion and we wouldn’t be able to do it without Fourth. We wouldn’t be able to get the data.”

— Adil Loudiyi, Food, Beverage and Systems Controller, Comptoir Group

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