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Globally, it seems like every headline you read about the hospitality and retail industry is about the worrying labour shortage issue. In the UK, this has been exacerbated by the lingering effects of Covid-19, as well as Brexit.

Since the UK formally left the European Union at the start of 2020, the amount of workers in this industry, and the makeup of the actual workforce, has shifted significantly. In September 2022 EU workers make up 24.3% of UK hospitality workers, compared with 43.2% in January 2019. A growing number of front-of-house and shopfloor employees have left the country, or many have decided to switch career, with concerns for health and safety surrounding Covid, or looking for higher wages and more accommodating schedules.

As a result, the labour pool you can choose new talent from is extremely shallow and competition amongst employers in the industry is at an all-time high.

Currently, the hospitality and retail industry is a candidate-driven market where job-seekers appear to rule the hiring process and have much of the leverage. 43% of businesses report they are operating with fewer staff than needed. If your hiring process takes too long or is complicated, it’s likely that your candidates will prefer to pursue a job position with another employer that provides a quicker and more convenient process. Needless to say, a great Applicant Tracking System offering a smooth, efficient and professional experience is essential in the current hiring landscape.

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The talent shortages have been one of the many worries that hospitality and retail businesses have dealt with during this year. This means that these businesses plan to prioritise finding top talent and retaining it for the long-term.

The main challenges to hiring talent:

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Build a winning team with an integrated Human Capital Management solution that streamlines your employee lifecycle from hire, onboarding, pay to development and wellbeing.

Streamline your recruitment process from start to finish to reduce time to hire, cost of hire and win talent by delivering a branded candidate experience.

Welcome candidates into the company fold with a perfect onboarding experience that moves candidates from job offer to signed contract, creation of staff profile to new team members having instant access to company information and services before they even start.

Speed up payroll processing, streamline expenses, so you can pay your staff the right amount at the right time with a seamlessly integrated HR and payroll solution.

Reduce stress and increase wellbeing by giving staff the freedom and flexibility to access their earned pay, at a time when they need it, to build a resilient and happy workforce.

Benefits of a HCM solution like Fourth’s, and how it can help you

Easily identify talent

Ensuring compliance throughout the recruitment process

Stay informed when it comes to your team

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