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Employee Engagement

Create a connected team with Fourth’s Employee Engagement App. Streamline communication and empower employees with self-service tools to boost productivity.

Bring your culture to life

Give your employees everything they need to succeed, communicate, and share appreciation for each other. Empower them to learn and live company values through a social feed, messaging and access to all your company information.

Don’t let miscommunications and information barriers bring down your workforce.  Break down silos and connect managers and employees in one place.

All your apps in one place

Fourth’s Engagement App offers a secure single sign-on portal for all your apps, available on iOS & android mobile and web browsers. Utilise Fourth’s in-built apps, and integrate your own, to give your employees everything they need to do their jobs through a simple, seamless and intuitive interface.

Chat one-to-one or in groups

Time to archive the clunky WhatsApp groups. Fourth’s Engagement app includes a dedicated messaging feature. Chat one-to-one or in groups based on location, role and more to foster a culture of engagement and communication across locations. Dedicated admin features ensure managers maintain complete control.


Share a wealth of knowledge

Consolidate all of your company information into one place on the Fourth Engagement App. Enable employees to sharpen their skills, stay safe, take control of their careers and embody the company culture. Simply upload and share your company documents, policies, images, apps, videos and more.

Self-Service HR

Empower your employees to take control of their personal info. The Fourth Engagement App enables them to update their name and address, bank details and next of kin without going through HR or their manager. Additionally, they can be alerted when its time to sign new policy documents and contracts, with the ability to view and sign them through our inbuilt eSign tool.


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