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AI Forecasting

Accurately predicting demand is critical to controlling costs and growing sales, but getting it right is hard. AI Forecasting from Fourth means no more guesswork for hospitality and retail operators – supercharge your scheduling and inventory management.

Predict and Plan with confidence

  • Trained on the industry’s largest dataset, our AI Forecasting leverages sales,  local events, national holidays, weather and more to generate incredibly accurate demand forecasts.
  • AI Forecasting is embedded in both our workforce and inventory solutions, meaning you can embrace AI for minimal effort and maximum reward.
  • Customise and configure to what makes your business unique.

AI Forecasting for Scheduling

With labour costs at an all-time high, it has never been more important to ensure you optimise your employee scheduling to customer demand. By combining accurate forecasting with intelligent scheduling features, you can ensure you stay on-budget while maximise sales opportunities.

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AI Forecasting for Inventory

Our item-level AI Forecasting is key to controlling costs, reducing waste and meeting customer expectations. With a clear view of your future inventory needs, significantly improving your purchasing, preparation and recipe & menu management while saving your team time.

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“Since implementing Fourth’s AI Forecasting, we have seen a 25% accuracy improvement on the previous system forecast. The model, which uses machine learning, gives managers a more accurate baseline from which they can build and tweak using their own knowledge and experience to deliver a highly accurate forecast for scheduling their team. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Fourth on developing the system.”

— Graham Fenwick (Productivity & Change Director, Pizza Express)

AI Forecasting: Identify the insights that drive profitable actions

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