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Fourth Resources

Common queries and where to get help

  • How do I sign up for the Customer Success Portal?
    • Click here to sign up. To access a tutorial on how to sign up to the Customer Portal, click here.
  • I want to sign up for status alerts about Maintenance and Major Incidents
    • In the unlikely and unfortunate event of a Major Incident we do want to make sure you are aware of it so you can manage your business accordingly. By accessing the Fourth Status Page you can register to receive automated notifications for the solutions that are relevant for you.
  • How do I find out more information about Fourth products and services?
    • Fourth’s website has a wealth of information on all of our solutions. Visit https://uk.fourth.com to find blogs, webinars, white pages, customer references and lots of other useful content.
  • Where do I find system guides and updates on the products? And where can I submit a product suggestion?
    • Release notes, articles, guides and other “how to” information can be found on the Fourth Customer Success Portal Release notes can help you keep track of product enhancements to the solutions. There are easy to find articles and guides to help support you and a Product Ideas section to raise features you would like to see come to life!
  • I have a technical issue I need help with – what do I do?
    • We know how busy everyone is – Use our Live Chat function to get support quickly by clicking on the blue Help in the bottom right hand corner at any time whilst using the Fourth Customer Success Portal. Or you can raise a request for support via our Submit a Request page. For more details regarding our Customer Support team, including the breakdown of our Service Targets, please visit Fourth – Customer Support.
  • I need help with a billing query – where do I go?
    • For any queries regarding your billing or any invoices you have been sent please reach out by emailing accounts@fourth.com.
  • I want to understand how I could use Fourth to work with our other systems
    • At Fourth, we consider our partners to be a vital part of our growing technology ecosystem. We’re committed to making partnering and integrations easy. All of the information on our standard integrations such as vendors, point of sale, Finance and ATS to name but a few, as well as details on our partnership program and all available API’s can be found on the Fourth Developer Hub.
  • I am a Payroll customer and need support with the processing of my pay run
    • Please email through any queries you may have via payroll@fourth.com or alternatively call our Payroll Bureau team on 01625-750-100 and we will be happy to assist you.
  • I am a Synel T&A biometric device or Synel App Customer and need support
    • Please submit a request for support Submit a Request for any support related queries.