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On-Demand Pay

Give your employees more financial security and easier access to pay.

Let Employees Choose How and When They Get Paid 

Increased living costs and unexpected expenses can weigh heavily on employees, causing stress that leads to increased absenteeism, higher sick days, and lower productivity.  

 Don’t have your employees counting down the days between pay cheques. Ease their burden by giving staff the flexibility to access early pay and the freedom to decide when they want to get paid.

Bigger Impacts for Better Business  

Providing Fourth’s on-demand pay as a financial benefit to candidates and employees reduces the time to hire new employees and increases retention for the team you already have.  

Give your staff the reassurance of a financial support system, should they need it, with a pay service that guarantees them access to their wages quickly.  

  • Keep employees happy with a payroll solution that works to their benefit 
  • Attract new talent with an employee benefit that sets you apart from your competition 
  • Keep business expenses on track without any additional administrative work to accommodate earned wages 

Get More with Wagestream

Having access to earned wages gives employees financial peace of mind and prevents their unexpected cashflow problems from having a big impact on your business.

Built with insights from leading financial experts, Wagestream offers your staff a better way to save — and spend — their pay cheque, so they can focus on bringing their best selves to work.

Learn About the Wagestream Difference

Fourth’s Wagestream is a comprehensive system that gives employees the power to track — and instantly access — the wages they’ve earned. They can also stream their wages into a savings account and get tips on budgeting and managing their money, all in one easy-to-use app.

Give your employees the power to:

  • Access up to 50% of their earned pay — get early pay at any time, including the day before payday  
  • Opt-in to automatic savings — with every shift worked, their pay is rounded to the nearest pound and the extra is automatically moved into a savings pot
  • Track shifts worked throughout the month — know exactly how much they’ll earn

See the Wagestream Impact

Providing employees with flexible access to their earned wages has shown to:

  • Reduce financial worries for employees by up to 86%
  • Increase retention by up to 16%
  • Increase the number of shifts worked by 86%
  • Reduce time to hire by up to 27%
  • Reduce payroll queries by up to 40%

Discover more benefits of implementing Wagestream

Invest in Your Employees, At No Extra Cost

Built with guidance from leading experts to promote financial inclusion and wellbeing, WageStream gives every worker equal access to financial services — without any added costs to your organisation.

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