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Automating Hospitality Inventory Management for Minimized Supply Costs

Give operators the tools they need to succeed

The industry is buzzing about automation these days. With labour costs expected to double and the consumer demand for a seamless checkout experience, the focus is on how to automate the front of house with kiosks and mobile payments. But before you go out and buy a pancake-flipping robot or a delivery drone, let’s talk about the basic back office processes that many service enterprises have yet to fully automate.

This ebook will explore the need for modern, mobile inventory management software that helps automate some of the basic tasks that take up the valuable time of your most valued employees. While auto-counting may be a thing someday, it’s not here yet. If you can’t fully automate the inventory process, you can at least use tools that automate its more cumbersome aspects. Maximum labour output, higher levels of accuracy, and better accountability are possible with a system that automates certain tasks to enable optimum productivity and on-the-job success.

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