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Advanced Analytics

Make more informed decisions with Advanced Analytics from Fourth. Harness the power of your data to drive smarter performance with accessible, actionable insights.

Take the Guesswork Out of Decision-Making

With Advanced Analytics from Fourth, hospitality and retail operators can unify siloed operational data into a single view to uncover meaningful insight.  

Above-store data and insights drive in-store actions.  Armed with the right data at the right time, operators can optimize company-wide operational performance, from labor to inventory. 

  • Powerful precision analytics 
  • Holistic view of individual and multi-store performance 
  • Innovative drilldown functionality  
  • Customizable interface

Industry-leading Demand Predictions

Fourth’s demand forecasting engine harnesses more than seven years of historical data to reliably predict future sales patterns.  Get ready to control labour cost and gross margins, and deliver great customer service without surprises.  

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Built for Hospitality and Retail. And Your Bottom Line.

Our intelligent tool taps into more than 50 KPIs from across our solution set to help operators quantify operational performance. Automating analytics and reporting means you can spend time where it matters most – with your customers.

Explore Business Intelligence

“The Fourth Solution allows us to manage our business in a data-driven way. With the data we get from Fourth, we’re now able to make really informed decisions of what goes on the plate, what goes in the glass, and in fact, what the plate and what the glass looks like.”

— James Sherrington (CFO, Drake & Morgan)

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