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Global back office solution for QSRs that forecast needs, control food and labour costs, and drive consistent, predictable operations

Overcome Consistency and Cost Challenges

Increase profit, optimise cash flow, and reduce costly wastage by striking the right inventory balance and driving consistency across production and operations.

Robust Features Designed for Quick Service Restaurants

Remove Silos and Drive Your Bottom Line

Reduce Waste and Increase Profit

Reliable and accurate tracking of inventory prevents over-stocking, shrinkage, and waste.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Demand forecasting with automated order suggestions accurately aligns stock levels to customer demand to prevent over and under-stocking.

Drives Quality and Consistency

Digitized production plans guide kitchen teams through dish preparation and production, ensuring high quality and portion consistency, reducing waste, and increasing profitability.

Increase Productivity

Digital checklists and optimized workflows reinforce procedures and help managers monitor task efficiency across all operations.

Faster, Smarter Decision-Making

Centralized reporting provides total transparency of multi-chain store inventory and sales performance leading to more accurate data-driven decisions.

Why MacromatiX for QSRs

Built and customized for Quick Service Restaurant operations, MacromatiX helps you manage labor, food cost, and reporting — all in one user-friendly platform. Scale for franchisee growth over the long term and deliver the near real-time data restaurant managers need to succeed in the back office and on the front line.

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