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Nutrition and Allergen Information

Moving beyond compliance to increase customer satisfaction and sales

For years shoppers have been used to seeing nutritional and allergen data on food and drink packaging. It’s no surprise that they now expect the same kind of information when they eat out, whether it’s on a menu, website, app or other source. For the hospitality industry, this can be an opportunity, not a burden.

We are already working within current allergen labelling laws, and more law changes are coming, further aligning the industry with food Retail:

  • October 2021 sees the introduction of Natasha’s Law (The UK Food Information Amendment), requiring food businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on prepackaged foods.
  • April 2022 will see Calorie labelling become mandatory on menus and food labels for ‘Large’ business – those with 250 employees or more. This is part of the government’s wider strategy to tackle obesity.

But we believe legislation shouldn’t be the only trigger for communicating this kind of valuable information to customers. Whilst the introduction of Natasha’a Law is approaching, and mandatory calorie labelling has been proposed. This is an opportunity to improve the way we communicate this kind of valuable information to customers and the experience for all your guests.

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