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Inventory Management Software

Drive profitability and efficiency by streamlining your entire inventory lifecycle with our AI powered suite of solutions, built for hospitality.

Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate waste with inventory management from Fourth.

Optimise your supply chain, centralise procurement, and streamline your inventory lifecycle — all from one AI driven platform. Our suite of solutions helps ease your managers’ burden while running your business more efficiently.

  • Item-level AI forecasting
  • Predictive ordering
  • Seamless supplier engagement
  • Streamlined purchasing
  • Real-time recipe costing
  • Accurate inventory tracking and stock taking

Manage Every Supplier from a Single Platform

Strengthen your supply chain with inventory system management from Fourth.  Consolidate suppliers onto a single platform to facilitate effective communications and team engagement across your entire inventory lifecycle.  Simplified ordering grants local teams autonomy while ensuring your central management team maintains budget control and visibility into operations across the brand.

Explore Purchasing, Receiving and Invoicing

Drive Profitability Across Every Dish

Create and sustain profitable menus with dishes built for profit, portioned accurately, and plated consistently. Our recipe and menu engineering and management solution gives you a central library of digital recipes, costed precisely by ingredient and nutritional value, with portion size and plating guidelines shared for accurate execution across all menus and teams.

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Plan and Prep Smarter

Give your team the tools to manage costs, ensure consistency, and reduce waste.  Our dynamic production and prep solution uses highly accurate demand forecasting to provide teams with step-by-step digital guidelines to manage dish preparation and track waste.

Explore Dynamic Production, Prep and Thaw

Manage Tasks and Cash More Effectively

Help managers and teams do everything the right way at the right time with customizable operations workflows that automate your standard operating procedures. Button up your cash management with our mobile solution that allows managers to easily reconcile cash, conduct safe counts, manage deposits and banking, and more.

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