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Boosting Sales by 15%: Thai Leisure’s Journey to Operational Excellence with Fourth 

Navigating Growth: Transitioning from Manual to Automated Operations

As the operator embarked on rapid expansion, opening 16 restaurants in a little more than two years, the need for a transition from manual operations to an automated system became apparent. The existing manual processes were riddled with issues, causing delays, increasing resource demands, and introducing the risk of human errors.

Notably, essential functions like scheduling and payroll management relied on Excel spreadsheets, leading to inaccurate reporting and a distinct lack of visibility when it came to critical data for informed forecasting. Furthermore, orders were being placed via phone, and the prevailing approach was often reactive rather than proactive, with a focus on fixing or justifying past performance rather than planning for sustainable improvements.

Scheduling Success: Adopting a Tech-Driven Solution to Streamline Operations

In search of a best-in-class solution to address their operational challenges, Thai Leisure turned to Fourth and its suite of powerful technology tools to propel the operator’s growth trajectory. The introduction of Fourth’s scheduling tool was a game-changer. This system eliminated assumptions applied to forecasting and schedule creation, streamlining the process, promoting accountability, and centralizing reporting. With the assistance of Fourth’s Productivity Consulting team, custom labor models were crafted to provide accurate right-place, right-time demand graphs, optimizing staffing. Additionally, Fourth’s comprehensive tools extended to payroll, effectively integrating monthly pay systems to minimize transaction fees. The Recipe & Menu Engineering management system ensured product standardization and offered visibility into potential allergens, enhancing food safety and quality. Advanced analytics brought granular insights, enabling the identification of operational patterns, and uncovering opportunities to drive growth and enhance profitability.

Redefining Restaurant Management with Fourth

The adoption of Fourth’s proven technology had a profound impact on the operations of Chaophraya, Thaikhun, and ChaoBaby, allowing their managers to shift their focus to the front-of-house activities, emphasizing excellent customer service and the delivery of outstanding cuisine. It instilled confidence throughout the organization that schedules were now crafted with sales growth, guest experience, and team welfare as top priorities. The tangible results were remarkable, including a substantial 15.7% increase in sales and a notable 1% labor savings YOY, 22% reduction in over scheduling equating to 56000+ hours for the 12 months post-implementation, and a 7% increase in scheduling accuracy.

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