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The Jardine Restaurant Group

When the global pandemic tipped the world upside down, the international hospitality industry was put under strain and to a halt.

However, for restaurants in the Asian-Pacific region, the events represented an opportunity to evolve, innovate and expand.

Primary example is the Jardine Restaurant Group, which for decades has been driving the international expansion of the iconic Pizza Hut, KFC and PHD brands across Asian markets.

When Covid-19 disruptions hit the industry, JRG leadership implemented Fourth’s Workforce Management solution across the group in record time.

The result: Greater operational efficiency, better visibility into labour costs and mitigated financial risks with the automation of compliance processes, all at a time where these factors were imperative to hospitality businesses survival.


Without a doubt, the pandemic has had a massive impact on the food service industry. Specifically, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) have found it challenging to meet the exponential growth in the demand for take-away and delivery food orders.

Adapting to the ever-evolving consumer profile, and new preferences brought about by the pandemic, restaurants pivoted their operations by either extending their drive-thru services or relying on third party providers for deliveries, or both. These changes required a rethink in staff deployment, to fulfil operations in a cost-effective way.

The online food service delivery channel in Asia Pacific is projected to reach 20 billion by the end of 2025. To seize this opportunity, QSRs must ensure they invest in their most important resource – the employees.

To achieve the optimistic future, the Jardine Restaurant Group implemented Fourth’s Workforce Management solution.

Watch the video to find out, or download the written case study!

Fourth’s modern software allows businesses to have the right people, at the right time, at the right place. Trusted by world-wide known hospitality leaders, the Workforce Management end-to-end solution provides all the tools necessary to determine the right level of labour demand and cost, remove complexity in creating schedules, as well as business intelligence through easy-to-read analytics.


We spoke to Ran Zou, who is the senior Transformation Manager at Jardine Matheson, parent company of JRG, to explore how our Workforce Management solution helped the business avoid under- and overstaffing and reduce labour costs through pioneering technology.

“Fourth has given us the ability & insight needed to bring all of our stores’ labour & forecasting capabilities above the standard of even the highest performing stores before implementation.”

— Ran Zou, Senior Transformation Manager, Jardine Matheson

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