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Time and Attendance Sofware

Drive Productivity and Profitability with Fourth’s Time and Attendance System

Time and Attendance Matters

Every hour of every shift matters. Take control of labour costs, ensure accurate payroll, and manage productivity with time attendance software from Fourth.  As your workforce grows with variable shifts across multiple locations, the time spent monitoring, documenting, and calculating the hours worked for every staff member increases. And so does the risk of error.

Fourth attendance software captures data in real-time and automatically synchronises with your scheduling and payroll solution, driving accuracy and efficiency.

It’s Time for an Affordable and Effective Attendance App.  

  •  Affordable – highly cost-effective clocking-in app with low-cost monthly subscription 
  • Reliable – works offline, offering 24/7 reliability 
  • Easy-to-Use – modern interface and easy two-step login ensures high employee adoption 
  • Flexible – can be deployed multiple times across a single location and used on the move 

Say Hello to eClock

 eClock from Fourth provides an affordable, reliable, and flexible attendance software solution for companies to track and record time. Our user-friendly time and attendance app installs securely onto a company-owned tablet within minutes to provide 24/7 reliability.  

Easy for Workers, a Game-Changer for Managers

  • Intuitive User Interface. Employees enter a four-digit PIN and upload a selfie to clock in and out. They log a break with the simple touch of a button. 
  • Enhanced Team Communications. Managers can use the bulletin board feature to directly communicate targets and priorities for the shift ahead with employees — before an official briefing. 
  • Optimal staff coverage. Managers can monitor break schedules on the fly, giving them full oversight over how many employees are active at any given time. 
  • Improved Visibility. Managers can track present and upcoming staff coverage while on the move in real-time. 

Be Certain with eClock

Highly Dependable

During network blackouts, data is stored on the device and synchronised with the system as soon as the connection is re-established. This ensures the accurate recording of employee work hours 24/7.

Cost-Effective and Easily Deployed

Fourth eClock can be installed onto a low-cost tablet and deployed in minutes across various sites in any number of locations.

Maximise Employee Time/Availability

eClock supports labour pooling by using a “global pin” system that lets workers record time and attendance at any site and location. They can clock into a different location – at any time – and log hours seamlessly.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Time and attendance data is captured in real-time and automatically synchronised with a centralised system, providing instant oversight of staff attendance across all locations.

Reduce Costs

Accurately monitor staff behaviour – from questionable absenteeism to early/late attendance and long breaks – and take appropriate action to help save costs and increase productivity.

Do More with Less

eClock from Fourth captures data in real-time, automatically synchronising and integrating with Fourth Scheduling and Payroll solutions. Our time attendance solution drives efficiency – and enables workers and managers to do more with less.

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