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Our software caters for what makes Garden Centres unique.

Workforce and Inventory Management Solutions

Not your typical retailer

Garden centres are not your typical retailer. They are a wonderful, yet complex, mix of retail and restaurant operations. To thrive, they need an intelligence platform built to meet their unique workforce and inventory challenges. Fourth is trusted by partners across the industry to control costs, simplify processes, empower employees and meet customer needs.

Trusted by customers in retail, restaurant and leisure

Embracing innovation

Renowned for their warm welcome, knowledgeable staff, diverse products and homemade food, British garden centres face a unique set of challenges.

Not afraid to innovate, garden centres are great places to work that are rapidly diversifying. Operators need intelligent solutions that can help them meet every challenge head on, from allocating retail space to minimising food waste, forecasting demand to maximising their employee experience.

Our solutions deliver these great benefits

Grow profits

Avoid overspending while never missing a sale with AI-driven forecasting to optimise staffing and inventory.

Empower employees

Enable managers to make smart decisions, and give employees the information and flexibility they require to thrive, from a complete workforce management toolset.

Meet customer needs

Delight customers with an intelligence platform that can help you to anticipate demand, schedule the right staff, and stock the right products.

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HR and Payroll

Focus on your people, not the paperwork with accurate and seamless HR and payroll management.

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Labour Management

Schedule effectively, forecast reliably, and amplify growth. Fourth’s intelligent scheduling solution is designed for businesses that rely on complex shift work.

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Inventory Management

Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate waste with a suite of applications designed specifically for your restaurant, cafe and food hall.

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AI and Analytics

Take the guesswork out of decision making. Fourth’s AI forecasting and analytics give you a clear view of your workforce and inventory across one site or many.

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