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Mitchells & Butlers

15 suppliers. 4,500 different product lines. Now at their fingertips with Fourth.

The Mitchells & Butlers story

A business does not survive for more than 120 years if it’s not innovating and evolving. What began in 1898 when two Midlands families came together to form Mitchells & Butlers (M&B), has transformed into a leading pub, restaurant, and hotel company in the UK and Germany. Technology has been central to creating this admired hospitality operator. A culture of innovation has allowed M&B to scale to more than 1700 locations, across a range of brands and formats. The businesses deliver net sales of almost £23,000 a week and more than £180,000 operating profit a year—some of the highest levels in the industry.

Meeting the speed of retail

Being in the retail and hospitality business means adapting to constant change. However, M&B location managers were using a limiting, time-consuming legacy system to track and organise purchases. The process lacked a dynamic catalogue—resulting in incorrect ordering and wasted money spent on the wrong items for each brand.

 M&B conquer the day with Fourth

M&B saw a clear opportunity to improve the purchasing and procurement process across the portfolio. They sought a scalable solution that would give managers the freedom to make the right purchasing decisions while offering visibility to the procurement team.

“Our regional managers and individual site managers have repeatedly referenced how great the mobile functionality performs in this tool and how it allows them to spend more time enhancing the guest experience.””

— Darrell Wilson, Former Director of Procurement, Mitchells & Butlers

Scaling to satisfaction

Efficiently implemented and adopted over just a few months, M&B experienced immediate value with Fourth’s scalable ordering solution. With 15 indirect consumable suppliers and 4,500 different product lines now at the fingertips of pub and restaurant managers, the M&B procurement team proactively monitors purchasing and analyses data from more than £25m spent annually through the platform. Fourth – Purchasing Edition saves time and money for this industry leader.

Looking forward

An innovative mindset continues to push M&B forward. With Fourth, they have found a partner and a platform that has them well-positioned for whatever the future may bring.

“Fourth subscribes to our value of innovation and continues to drive forward their solutions to help address our ever-challenging demands, a perfect partnership.”

— Darrell Wilson, Former Director of Procurement, Mitchells & Butlers

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