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Supply Chain Management

Best practice guide to managing your supply chain.

The hospitality industry has always faced pressure on margins. But now the squeeze is really on. Brexit and a weaker pound, and the current Global impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, mean imported food and beverage costs are rising, and limiting the availability of some supply chain lines. Entering the post-Covid phase, supermarkets and hospitality businesses alike are struggling to stock up. Higher business rates and the national living wage are adding to the strain. As a result, businesses are having to consider passing on price rises to customers. However, doing this risks reducing competitiveness and potentially losing trade.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to examine how efficient you are, especially in terms of your supply chain. It’s an area that is many operators neglect – and it could be costing you dearly. In this white paper, we examine many facets of this complex area, from menu engineering to food waste, from contract negotiations to purchasing policy. It should help you take a holistic view of your overall supply chain – and see how you could manage it better.

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