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Supply Chain Report: 2022

Delivering solutions to rising costs and supply chain disruption in hospitality.


Spiraling costs and prices are seemingly impacting every market and industry right now; however, the hospitality sector, and its supply chain, seems to be one of the hardest-hit.

After an already unprecedented two years of stop-start lockdowns, trading restrictions and social distancing, hospitality businesses are now dealing with the fallout of the pandemic, an ongoing recruitment and staffing crisis, an environment of record high inflation and rapidly increasing costs.

Data from a brand-new FREE report we’ve commissioned, that analyses what we are seeing across our customer base’s supply chain and purchasing market, indicates that total costs across hospitality have increased by 10% compared to 2019. When broken down further, food costs have increased by 13%, while drink costs have increased by 8%.

Hear from the purchasing director at leading operator D&D London on how they, as one of the largest businesses in the sector, are managing what is becoming another unwelcome and unprecedented challenge to the sector.

This report highlights how Fourth’s Inventory Management solution can help you handle this period of financial uncertainty, promoting forecasting and smart planning as core enablers to keeping costs and supply in check.

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