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Employee Onboarding

Get your new employees off to a great start with a flexible and intuitive onboarding experience.

Onboarding Done Right with Fourth

Companies make their first impression with new employees during the onboarding process — a poor onboarding experience can negatively impact hiring, retention and employee engagement.

Get new employees off to the right start with a seamless onboarding experience that is simple, welcoming and provides all the resources they need to become productive members of the team. Immerse them in your company culture right from the start, building loyalty from day one.

Provide a Slick and Intuitive Onboarding Experience

Fourth’s onboarding App improves new starter experience, saves managers time and expedites start dates.

  • Adopt a straightforward and standardised onboarding process that guides new employees, HR and managers through every step.
  • Enable new employees to easily enter their personal data, before automatically transferring into Fourth’s HR and payroll system.
  • Allow employees to review and sign onboarding documentation including employment contracts and company policies.
  • Engage new employees from from the start with instant access to Fourth’s employee engagement app after the complete onboarding.
  • Our Onboarding App seamlessly integrates with your Applicant Tracking System.

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