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The Four Seasons Hotel

A refined London experience driven by world-class service

Four Seasons in Park Lane, London, is a one-of-a-kind hotel with a world-class reputation. While guests relax at the Four Seasons, staff members strive to provide an unforgettable experience to anyone walking through the doors of the iconic hotel.

Deploying labour strategically to meet customer demand is a challenging task.

However, managing labour efficiently while protecting profits is now crucial to ensure ongoing profitability, at a time of global economic recovery.


Throughout the years, the iconic Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, London, operated with a traditional labour model, hiring core team members on 40 hours contracts to ensure maximum coverage to deliver the five star experiences their guests had come to expect.

However, adoption of this traditional labour model meant that departments heads didn’t have the flexibility to adjust labour scheduling to actual customer demand, resulting in wasted labour costs or under-staffing during quieter periods and peak season. Building staff rotas on spreadsheets was also a manual, time-consuming process, making it hard for department managers to adjust rotas and communicate with staff members efficiently on time.


Download a free copy of this success story to discover how Four Seasons took advantage of the Workforce Management solution to drive efficiency and increase productivity.

“Labour is a big cost in our business. Probably the biggest cost. It is essential we show a return on the business. I have been using the solution to show our owners that these are the tools we are using to improve awareness; to improve flexibility; to be more productive and drive productivity.”

— Mathias Cocuron, Regional Director of Finance, The Four Seasons Hotel

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