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Burger King


Burger King UK prides itself in its start-up mentality – innovative, data and scalable. While the initial inventory, workforce management with time and attendance helped BK UK build a strong foundation, the manual functions including the overuse of spreadsheets could no longer support their growing number of locations and expanding employee base. Some of the methods had multiple touchpoints which increased the potential for mistakes. All of these disparate systems complicated how BK UK’s ability to surface and analyse these important sources of data.


“Fourth has enabled us to solidify processes and if you look where we’ve come from in the past three years, it’s astounding. We can now confidently share data across the business and those less important tasks, are now automated. We are in a good place now and Fourth has been part of that journey – for the head office process and the site processes.”

— Clair Wentzel, Head of Information Technology, Burger King UK

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