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Fuego makes any day a payday for the 35,000 employees of SSP

See how SSP conquers the day with On-Demand Pay to improve recruiting, retention, and satisfaction in a post-COVID world.

The food travel experts, SSP creates and runs food and beverage outlets for people on the move in airports and train stations. Operating in 35 countries, the company oversees a wide portfolio of brands including well-known international ones that they franchise, like Starbucks and Burger King, as well as brands they have created.


SSP faced a significant hurdle in finding people willing to work at an airport restaurant with tight
spaces, tricky parking, and security lines. The operator needed a way to be more attractive in
recruiting and retaining existing employees.


SSP turned to Fuego from Fourth® for a proven solution with built-in integration.

“Fuego was one of the quickest rollouts we’ve had because it’s such a low lift, which has been incredibly easy.”

“We had confidence that Fourth knew our business and could pull over the right information, the right wages, the right jobs, the right employee numbers…it became almost a no-brainer.”

— Todd Kaufman, Vice President of Information Technology, SSP America


Fuego has been a game-changer for SSP in all oftheir markets.

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