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Flix Brewhouse

Read how Flix is utilizing HotSchedules to train every member to deliver fast, high-quality service, every showing

Flix Brewhouse Streamlines Training with HotSchedules

Whether you want brunch and a rom-com or pizzas and the latest Oscar favorite, Flix can make it happen.

Find out how Flix ensures that they’re training every team member to deliver fast, high-quality service, every showing with the help of Talent Development powered by SchooX.

Check out how the Flix team equips its training staff with Talent Development, a learning and performance management system that team members, managers and operations support executives can access right from their smartphones.



“Now, our team members strive to learn and want to be in the loop; they’re fully engaged. Getting points and checking their status on the leaderboard has become competitive. They eat it up.”

— Lindsey Moon-Lenggenhager, Director of Learning & Development, Flix Brewhouse

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