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Fourth’s Workforce Management Solution for Retailers

Drive success by building a resilient workforce.

The world of retail has changed greatly over the years and the pandemic has fast-tracked its evolution. With 97% of UK households having access to efficient and affordable internet services and smartphones, the choice to shop anywhere, at any time has brought convenience and a wealth of retail options to the consumer.

Currently, 87% of UK consumers shop online, even with the re-opening of stores. However, 3 out of 5 UK consumers still view the high street as important and 20% of UK shoppers shop evenly across the high street and online. Consumer expectations and buying habits have evolved, with extensive shopping choices and convenience becoming the top priorities. This makes it even more challenging for retailers to budget and schedule staff members efficiently to cater to the modern needs of their customers.

In our brand new guide, we break down the code to how retailers can stay competitive within the current climate and the tech tools that can facilitate the process.

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