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The Challenge of Food Waste in Hospitality

A guide to cutting waste, making your business more efficient and helping the planet

Food waste is a major climate, commercial and community issue. In monetary terms, it costs the hospitality and food service sector more than £3.2bn each and every year – money that should be fed back into business and not bins. Of the £20,000 that food waste costs each hospitality venue on average every year, up to 75% of that is avoidable.

We have partnered with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) to compile an in-depth report into the food waste challenge. The report provides a detailed analysis of a survey conducted with a cohort of leading businesses, a look into our inventory management solution and how it can help revolutionise the way the sector manages its waste, and offers up expert opinion on how to tackle the challenge at a business level, becoming greener and more efficient. Download now to read it in full.

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