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Empower Your Retail Workforce

Position your business to win with talent, operate effortlessly, and deliver on your brand promise with Fourth’s end-to-end solutions and services catered to the unique needs of the retail industry.

Meet Today’s Challenges Head On

Retail operators face numerous obstacles to a thriving business — from the continued war for talent to the hidden costs of antiquated and inefficient processes to disconnected systems and data that leave decision-makers blind.

If you’re going to compete — and win — in the ever-evolving world of retail, you need a partner, not another vendor.

At Fourth, we partner with you to help you achieve your goals. Empowered with our suite of tools and insights, you can hire faster, plan more effectively, schedule more reliably, and pay accurately and on demand.

Workforce Management

Streamline your operations and get managers out of the back office and back to doing what they do best — helping customers and boosting profits.

  • Attract top talent: Offer earned wage access to workers and increase retention by up to 20%
  • Save time: Easily create schedules based on forecasted sales and compliance requirements
  • Achieve operational excellence: Help teams deliver a consistently great experience with task management and shift-to-shift communication tools
  • Pay workers the right amount: Integrate time-tracking and attendance to ensure accurate payroll

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Human Capital Management

From recruiting and onboarding to benefits and payroll, Fourth makes it easier to take care of the people who drive your business.

  • Hire faster: Reach more candidates and get them on the floor sooner with Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
  • Improve productivity: Remove the HR burden from managers by outsourcing tedious and time-consuming HR tasks
  • Automate compliance: Reduce risk and ensure you’re following local labor laws with built-in compliance
  • Make payroll painless: Integrate your HR, scheduling, and payroll to ensure you pay workers accurately and on time
  • Provide a better employee experience: Offer competitive employee benefits and reliable pay

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Advanced Analytics

Give retail operators the visibility they need to make smarter decisions and boost performance across stores. 

  • Unify your data — bring data from Fourth’s solutions and integrated third-party tools into a single view 
  • Eliminate guesswork — provide operators with easy access to data so they can make decisions based on data, not their gut 
  • Banish spreadsheets — dive deeper into operational performance with visually rich, interactive dashboards  
  • Reduce human error — avoid mistakes and save operators countless manual hours reviewing data from disparate sources 

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“At TPRG, we’ve been looking for a way to rejuvenate and replace complex systems and processes with an up-to-date and modern workforce management system. I’m pleased to say we’ve found that with Fourth. We’re looking forward to seeing how Fourth’s tech helps to empower our employees to succeed with the new workforce management system, its functionalities, and capabilities.”

— Laura Keane (Group People Director, Theo Paphitis Retail Group)

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