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The Hospitality Workforce Report: H2 2023

The importance of employee experience grows as costs soar

Fourth’s latest workforce update shows that UK headcount is down 2.4%, and Deloitte predicts that labour shortages will continue into 2025.

Against a backdrop of ongoing uncertainty, a trained and engaged workforce is a high value asset for every operator.

Download the report to gain insights into the UK hospitality workforce and uncover strategies every operator should implement for a successful workforce.

The report includes:

  • The UK hospitality workforce update on headcount, sales per labour hour and more
  • Productivity: How operators are doing more with less
  • The role data plays in building an efficient workforce
  • Why operators are putting managers at the center of their retention strategies
  • Catering and engaging to a multigenerational workforce
  • How operators are leveraging data-driven workforce management technology to thrive

Download the report

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