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Restaurant Scheduling Software

Intelligent Scheduling

Drive profit with AI powered Scheduling. Increase forecasting accuracy, simplify optimal shift deployment and empower employees.

Scheduling is important.

We know how important great scheduling is to driving profits in restaurants, pubs and hotels.

But getting it right is hard. Under-staff and you miss sales, over-staff and you lose margin. You need to strike the right balance.

Intelligent Scheduling empowers you to ensure every shift counts. It’s the restaurant scheduling software solution your business deserves.

Trusted by leading brands

Intelligent Scheduling is your new superpower.

Smarter Scheduling

No more missed opportunities.  Make smart business decisions every time with AI Forecasting.

Utilise accurate demand forecasts down to 15 min intervals, to schedule the right team for every shift. The Fourth AI engine factors in your past sales, local events, holidays and more.

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Easier Scheduling

Identify your optimal shifts with minimal effort. Auto-Scheduling removes the guesswork.

Significantly reduce the effort for managers to populate shifts, while ensuring you always hit your productivity and compliance goals.

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Connected Scheduling

Shift fulfilment is no long constrained by location. Maximise the potential of your entire employee base, and beyond, with Shift Pooling.

Offer open shifts to employees and agencies across any of your location through a simple and intuitive interface. Maximise shift fulfilment and increase your employees opportunity to work.

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And much more.

  • MySchedule App for employees
  • Activity-based scheduling
  • Custom deployment rules
  • Labour demand based on sales categories and items
  • Granular cost and budget management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Seamless integration with your other Workforce Management solutions

15% increase in sales.

Learn how Fourth’s restaurant scheduling software delivered amazing results for the Thai Leisure Group.

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