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HR & Payroll Software

A fully integrated HR & Payroll solution, purpose-built for the hospitality industry, that ensures your business runs efficiently and stays compliant.

Give Managers and Workers a Better Experience

Fragmented Human Resource and Payroll practices leave businesses vulnerable to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Improve speed and accuracy with a fully integrated HR and Payroll solution from Fourth.

Self-serve your own HR & Payroll, with our intuitive software interface, or let our payroll experts do the heavy-lifting for you.

Its time to ease your administrative burden and risk – and get back more time to supporting your people and growing your business.

HR for Hospitality

Manage employees in a single HR Hub built specifically for Hospitality operators. It gives you everything you need to be efficient, accurate, transparent and compliant.

  • Create and maintain a full HR record for each employee, with all their critical information stored in one place.
  • Seamless integration of employee HR data into Fourth’s payroll, scheduling and inventory management solutions.
  • Manage employee roles and pay grade changes to ensure payroll accuracy.
  • Log and monitor staff absenteeism, sick days, and holidays.
  • Keep track of employee eligibility to work information and other key documents including contracts..

Precision payroll

Your business deserves better payroll systems for a better employee experience. Streamline tedious processes, reduce risk, eliminate errors and ensure you stay compliant.

  • Reduce effort and time through automated payroll processing.
  • Automatically enrol employees into your pension scheme.
  • Increase payroll accuracy with a fully integrated system that syncs with HR, scheduling and tronc.
  • Remove the complexity of manually calculating deductions, holiday pay, expenses, and pension contributions across staff working variable shift patterns.

2024 Legislation Updates

The Fourth HR and Payroll solutions are constantly updating to keep you compliant with the latest legislation.  Read our report on all the 2024 legislation updates.

2024 HR & Payroll Legislation Updates

Fourth Payroll Bureau Services

Focus on Your People, Not the Paperwork

Rest easy knowing you have Fourth’s dedicated payroll specialists handling all your payroll processing. With deep expertise in the Hospitality industry, Fourth not only seamlessly manages payroll services across your organisation but also serves as a payroll partner to ensure you’re on track and able to better grow your business.  

  • Make pensions seamless thanks to built-in compliance with auto pension enrollment directly linked to your payroll service ensures pension payments start at the right time and are calculated accurately  
  • Simplify tax deductions through faster payroll processing without unnecessary administrative assistance  
  • Generate pay slips in minutes with easy and secure access for employees  
  • Automatically record and track worked hours and wage costs for every employee 

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