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The Hospitality Workforce Report

November 2022

The current economic climate has continued to challenge hospitality operators since we shared our last Hospitality Workforce Report in August, with spiralling energy and food costs, supply chain disruption and labour shortages threatening to impact profits.

Our November report – analysing data from more than 700 pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels – reveals that despite positive signs of growth within the UK workforce, high levels of staff turnover mean that businesses must continue to boost recruitment and retention to support day-to-day operations in the run up to the Christmas trading period.

Download our brand-new report to access key insights into the UK hospitality workforce, including:

  • How the staff turnover rate is at the highest point since March 2020, with 8.3% of staff leaving
  • The overall number of hours worked has increased in recent months
  • Details on pay rates and how they compare across business type
  • The current make-up of the EU labour force following Brexit and the pandemic

Download the report

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