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Fourth eClock: An accurate, affordable, reliable time and attendance app

How it benefits you

Recording staff working hours is a fundamental activity for a profitable business – prevent payroll errors, keep track of absenteeism and excessive lateness, limit excessive overtime, and increase productivity. Lost and unaccounted hours cost the UK economy more than £9bn per year1 with absenteeism costing £18bn per year2.

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Challenges of tracking time and attendance

Manually tracking time and attendance is time-consuming, and filling in time sheets is often left to the last minute by staff, putting pressure on Payroll teams. Inaccuracies are far more likely with manual processes, chiefly due to human error and the fact that handwriting is often difficult to read and open to disingenuous entries.

Automated solutions such as physical time and attendance devices provide businesses with an accurate way of tracking staff working hours, but they are expensive to purchase, install and maintain – especially for multi-site operators.

Digital mobile apps offer a cheaper and simpler solution and serve the same purpose as physical solutions but are accessed by staff using personal mobile devices which can prove unreliable when batteries run out or network issues prevent the app from working.

Business features and benefits

Employee features and benefits

Manager features and benefits

“Our new eClock kiosk app has been developed to be as simple as possible for employees and managers to input, track and analyse their time and attendance data. It’s more important than ever before that businesses of all sizes are focusing on driving productivity, and this solution, with its easy-to-use interface, real-time data capture and seamless integration with existing tech stacks, will help businesses to maximise their efficiency.”

— Sebastien Sepierre (Managing Director EMEA, Fourth)

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