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Tackling the Food Waste Challenge

How to get the grips with food waste, to make your business more efficient

In a period fraught with operational challenges, effectively dealing with and eradicating food waste is one of the biggest issues the hospitality sector faces today. Food waste costs the hospitality and food service sector more than £3.2bn each and every year, which works out at approximately £20,000 per venue – money that should be fed back into the business, rather than the bin.

The challenge can be looked at from both an environmental and economic perspective – one of the best ways a hospitality business can satisfy both is to get a handle on the level of wastage across their business. Whether this is achieved through staff training, implementing technology or even committing to more radical measures such as ‘nose to tail’ recipe design, there is something that each and every business can focus on to reduce the impact food waste is causing to the planet, the economy and people’s general well-being.

We have partnered with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) to bring you a webinar that takes a deep dive into the subject matter, analysing the facts and figures, looking into our innovative inventory solution, and offering up some expert guidance on how to tackle food waste within your business.


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