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Keep Your Business Out of Hot Water with Compliance Management

Streamline your operations, ensure adherence to labour laws, and enhance overall employee satisfaction.

Automate Your Workforce Compliance

Compliance and regulatory issues erode employee trust, create business liabilities, and can have costly financial repercussions. But with Fourth’s compliance management solutions, you can empower your team with built-in compliance at every step — from hiring and scheduling to payroll.

Stop Worrying About Ever-Changing Labour Laws

Fourth’s compliance management software ensures the latest regulations are incorporated into our solutions, so no matter how many times things change, one thing never will — we’ve got you covered.

  • HMRC compliant payroll service — includes seamless pension auto-enrolment integration, reducing time and effort whilst ensuring timely payment and accuracy of employee wages
  • Reliable labour forecasting — allows scheduling and publishing of staff schedules ahead of time and provides flexibility to employees with the ability to request shift changes
  • Customisable work rules and real-time alerts —allow managers to protect employees from working long hours without gaps whilst controlling labour costs due to excessive overtime

Take the Complexity Out of Compliance

Implement preventive compliance measures to protect your employees and build a business culture that supports and safeguards your team.

  • Increase speed to hire — move faster and adhere to data compliance regulations with secure electronic sharing (and storing) of personal employee information and contracts during your recruitment process
  • Pay employees the right amount at the right time — put compliance on auto-pilot with built-in rules that ensure you comply with external regulations and laws
  • Create a fair and safe workplace — track and monitor absenteeism, late work arrivals, and break schedules

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