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InterContinental Toronto Centre

Learn how InterContinental Toronto Centre took advantage of Adaco’s mobile features for more effective operations.


While the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult to navigate for hoteliers and the hospitality industry, a silver lining to the disruption presented itself to some. For those fortunate enough, it was a time to reset, regroup and improve business processes. The finance team at InterContinental Toronto Centre used their time to the fullest as they reviewed their use of the Fourth’s solution and improved their processes thanks to their collaboration with Fourth Solution Consulting and the implementation of Fourth’s next generation mobile technology and analytics.

Fourth’s Inventory for Hotels Enterprise Edition (Adaco) is a mobile-enabled procurement, inventory, recipe and menu engineering and supply chain management platform for hotels, resorts, and leisure. Trusted by the hospitality industry’s leading brands for over 30 years, Adaco has become the inventory, procurement, and recipe management solution of choice. As a fully integrated purchasing solution, Adaco drives efficiencies across entire organisations, including food and beverage, consumables, housekeeping, engineering, and all other hotel purchasing functions.

Good software iterates upon itself, always evolving with customer needs and being influenced by the changing industry. Staying ahead of those updates in concert with evolving business procedures is a formidable ask for any complex businesses. Having first started their relationship with Fourth in 2004, Intercontinental Toronto Centre had routinely adopted new Adaco features as the software evolved. However, it came to the attention of Director of Finance, Juli Petrone that to fully benefit from the industry driven tools, including new mobile applications, the business needed to align to the greater possibility of Adaco.

“I wasn’t confident we had the right procedures in place to adopt additional software features and still work efficiently,” stated Petrone. “I saw the potential, especially with the mobile applications, but we needed to understand how best to use the tool and how our processes could work within Adaco moving forward.”


“Aligning our processes with our software investment has already had a noticeable impact on our operation and teams here at Intercontinental Toronto. We are a more efficient and a better prepared business because of our optimization efforts.”

— Juli Petrone, Director of Finance, InterContinental Toronto Centre

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