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Fourth proudly announces a major new product release to take your profits, efficiency and employee engagement to the next level.

Introducing Intelligent Scheduling.

Increase productivity, drive profits. It’s your new superpower.

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Reach greater heights with Fourth’s AI-driven workforce and inventory management platform, empowering you to build loyal teams, overcome tight margins, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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The Hospitality Workforce Report

Brand new research from Fourth

Fourth has released new analysis into 2023 festive trading figures and workforce trends. The report indicates that customer demand has been surprisingly resilient and initial sales figures from the festive season are positive. Headcount trends are varied across the sector. However, against a backdrop of rising costs including increase in the National Minimum Wage, the need to control costs and be efficient are as important as ever. Read Fourth’s research report for more insights.

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Conquer complexity with Fourth Intelligence

Fourth Intelligence Platform integrates your operating systems with more than 20 years of rich data and expertise. From POS to finance and scheduling to supply chain, our Intelligence Platform analyzes millions of data points each day, using our AI engine to forecast demand, spot patterns, and generate insights faster and more accurately.

With intuitive dashboards and real-time notifications delivering actionable insights all via single sign on,  you have all day, everyday visibility and intelligence to simplify and streamline your operations.

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Intelligent technology and solutions from the industry leader

Workforce Management

Give your team the right tools, insights, and support. Automate key operations like scheduling, task management and time and attendance. Eliminate barriers with earned wage access.

Inventory Management

Streamline operations on a single platform. Optimise procurement, prep and production; manage cash and tasks efficiently; and more.

Advanced Analytics

Derive data-lead decisions for continuous operational performance from Fourth Intelligence platform with AI-powered demand forecasting and advanced analytics.

Boosting Sales by 15%: Thai Leisure’s Journey to Operational Excellence with Fourth

Explore the journey of Thai Leisure as they transitioned from manual to automated operations, partnering with Fourth to streamline scheduling, enhance accuracy, and drive a remarkable 15% sales increase.

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Introducing Intelligent Scheduling. It’s your new superpower.

We know how important great scheduling is to driving profits. But getting it right is hard. Under-staff and you miss sales, over-staff and you lose margin. You need to strike the right balance. Intelligent Scheduling empowers you to ensure every shift counts.

Intelligent Scheduling gives you AI Forecasting to ensure you match your team to demand, Auto-Scheduling to easily identify the optimal shift pattern, and Shift Pooling to optimise your team across locations.

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Inventory Management:
Modern and Mobile

Get your inventory costs in line with Fourth’s accurate demand forecasting solutions. With better data-driven insights you can be confident that you have exactly what you need when you need it.

Fully integrated inventory solutions built on the AI-powered Fourth Intelligence platform – analyzing data from across Fourth and sources like POS, reviews sites, social media, etc. to deliver actionable insights.

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Why Fourth

When every hour of every shift matters, Fourth helps you conquer the day. Our intelligent technology and solutions remove the complexity from your day by simplifying and streamlining your operations so you can get back to doing what you do best – serving up excellent customer service.