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Sub Processor List

Below is a current list of the sub-processors authorized to process personal data for Fourth services.

Updates to Sub-Processor List

This sub-processor list may be updated by Fourth from time to time. Please check back at this URL frequently for an up to date listing of our sub-processors.

Subscribing to Updates to the Sub-Processor List

To subscribe to updates to Fourth’s sub-processor list, please follow the posts on the Fourth Community.

Requesting More Information about a Sub-Processor

If you would like to receive any additional information about any sub-processors in respect of the role it plays for Fourth and its security controls, please make the request via email to privacy@fourth.com with “Information Request” in the subject line.


Content Delivery Network Provider (ISO/IEC 27002 certified; SOC2 audited). Location – USA.

Amazon AWS

Public cloud hosting provider. All solutions. (ISO 9001, 27001, 27008, 27017 Certified; SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 audited) Location – EU, EMEA, USA.

Callidus (Litmos)

Provider of digital e-learning services for Fourth Academy. Location – USA.

Carrenza/6 Degrees

Private cloud hosting partner (Workforce Management and Purchase to Pay and Inventory solutions). Locations – EU and US.


Network immune system providers. All solutions. Location – EU.

Docusign Inc.

Provider of contract e-signature services for Fourth’s UK ATS solutions. Location- EU. DocuSign has Binding Corporate Rules in place.


BACS processing provider for payroll services (UK Payroll Bureau only). Location – EU.

Fourth Bulgaria EOOD

Fourth subsidiary. All solutions. Location – EU.

Fourth Software Trading LLC

Fourth subsidiary. All solutions. Location – UAE.

Fourth USA Inc

Fourth subsidiary. All solutions. Location – USA.


Private code, version control and credentials repository. All solutions. Locations – EU and USA.


Private cloud hosting partner (Fourth Analytics). Locations – EU and USA.


Analytics provider (Inventory solution). Locations – EU and USA.


SaaS logging platform. All solutions. Location – EU.

Microsoft Azure

Public cloud hosting provider. All solutions. Location – EU, US, and APAC.


Mobile user journey logging provider. All solutions, excluding Adaco. Location – USA.

OnlineCity.io ApS, t/a GatewayAPI

SMS messaging provider for Fourth’s ATS solution. Location EU.


Cloud Hosting Services (ISO 27001 certified; SOC1, SOC2 audited). Location – USA.

Running with Knives

Authorised reseller and provider of implementation services (Workforce Management Products and FnB Live). Location – UK.


CRM database provider, including hosting. All solutions. Locations – EU, UK and USA.


Provider of T&A hardware (clocks) (Workforce Management). Location – EU. See “T&A and Biometric Data” at www.fourth.com/agreements.

TrustID Limited

Provider of RTW checks for Fourth’s ATS solution. Location UK.

Wagestream Limited

Nominated Provider of Fourth’s Salary Service (on-demand pay). Location – UK.


Support/service management. Location – UK and USA.