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We value diverse perspectives and equal opportunities. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and sub-committees give our employees the platform to encourage innovation, speak against racism and inequality, and enable change for a truly diverse workforce.

Our DE&I Mission

As a global company, Fourth has an opportunity to address and build awareness of injustice and inequities. We develop programs that promote diversity, inclusion, and equitable opportunities while promoting a sense of belonging within Fourth and the communities around us.  We carry these convictions into our communities to create change for a more inclusive world.

Our Sub-Committees

Our sub-committees are designed to ensure team members can contribute to our overall DE&I mission, utilizing their skills and talent in various areas. This team of global volunteers works to provide global education sessions to raise awareness of DEI topics, organize local opportunities to engage with community initiatives that build equity and inclusion and presents hiring, process and training opportunities to leadership to build accountability to DEI principles at Fourth.


We help educate our employees around the world by raising awareness, tackling boundaries, and tearing down walls.

Community Impact

Connecting employees through shared activities to build engagement and promote diversity and equality within our organization.

Recruitment/Career Development

We are committed to tracking, hiring, and retaining a diverse workforce. We hire globally and seek applicants from all backgrounds.

Inclusion and Safe Places

Inclusiveness is a key aspect of Fourth’s culture. We ensure all employees feel valued and can be their best selves at work.

Women’s Initiatives Networking Group

WING is a women’s group at Fourth that aims to spearhead women’s professional growth through mentorship and knowledge sharing of business best practices. By joining, you will have access to various networking opportunities with seasoned professionals.

Acknowledgement of Countries

Fourth is present in various countries where indigenous communities were forcibly removed from their native lands. We want to acknowledge the communities remaining in these lands where we and our employees also reside.

United States

We pay our respects to the leaders and community members who ensure the continued survival of the Apache, Jumano, and Tonkawa tribes in Denver, Austin, and Tampa where our 3 offices are located.

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